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Prediction of acute effects on target organs subsequent to administration of your test substance is an essential data point. The data obtained helps guide your design and dose selection for subsequent sub-chronic and chronic studies. With Attentive, you have additional repertoire of in-vivo test systems to help you evaluate potential acute effects.

Sub-chronic toxicology studies are regulatory driven studies necessary to properly assess the toxicity and toxicokinetic profile of your test substance that will be used to establish equivalent doses on your clinical trials.  The tests provide indicative results about the long-term effects of a test substance in humans or animals.  Subsequent to Dose Range Finding studies, sub-chronic toxicology studies are the definitive step in evaluating a test substance and establishing a no-observable-adverse-effect level (NOAEL).  The results of sub-chronic toxicology studies essentially determine whether a project can proceed to clinical trials. Sub-chronic and chronic toxicity studies are used to assess test substances that will be used by patients on a long-term basis.

Odoo • Text and Image