Animal Health Corridor Summit 2023

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Attentive Science is gearing up for an exciting presence at the upcoming Animal Health Corridor Annual Summit in Kansas City on August 28th-29th. With a longstanding history of participation spanning numerous years, Attentive Science personnel have enjoyed being a part of this prestigious event. The Animal Health Corridor, which stretches from Manhattan Kansas to Columbia Missouri, is the hub for animal health.

Attentive Science's commitment to advancing animal health is perfectly aligned with the summit's focus. Expertise in Target Animal Safety, Drug Development and care uniquely positions Attentive Science to contribute significantly to emerging companies within the animal health sector. At Attentive Science, we emphasize the value we bring, showcasing our expertise in various domains, including diet and palatability testing, as well as our ability to critically assess claims related to health improvements. With a mission to ensure the well-being of pets and animals, Attentive Science's offerings encompass a comprehensive range of services.

As the summit aims to facilitate networking and collaboration, Attentive Science seeks to connect with like-minded colleagues and companies that can benefit from our specialized services. The event serves as a platform for learning about industry trends, identifying opportunities, and establishing partnerships to drive innovation within the animal health landscape. The team is enthusiastic about contributing to the summit's atmosphere of shared knowledge and collaboration, with plans to offer tours of our lab located locally and connect with attendees interested in exploring solutions.

With a strong commitment to advancing animal health and a wealth of expertise in this field, Attentive Science invites all participants at the Animal Health Corridor Annual Summit to reach out and connect. Whether you're seeking to enhance pet nutrition, develop pharmaceutical solutions, or ensure the safety of animal products, we look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations and discussions throughout the conference. Attentive Science stands ready to provide the support you need. Don't miss the opportunity to connect. Contact us.

Date & Time
August 28, 2023
Start - 9:47 AM
August 29, 2023
End - 9:47 AM America/Chicago

Midland Theatre

--Midland Theatre--
--Midland Theatre--
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