Nonclinical Safety Studies for IND and NDA Filing for Small Molecules: Bolts, Nuts and Best Practices

Join Attentive Science for PBSS in San Francisco, CA on May 21st

This PBSS workshop will cover the different types of toxicology studies conducted to support IND and NDA filings for small molecules, including an overview of the nonclinical modules, safety pharmacology, genetic toxicology, carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicology, environmental and occupational toxicology and regulatory toxicology. 

This session will provide a comprehensive overview of strategic approaches and practical applications essential for filing. Attentive Science is leveraging this opportunity to enhance our understanding of regulatory expectations and ensure our nonclinical safety studies are not only compliant but also strategically sound. 

Looking forward to a successful event! 

May 21, 2024

San Francisco, CA

--San Francisco, CA--
--San Francisco, CA--

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