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Maximum Tolerated Dose

DRF / MTD studies are used as an early detection warning system.  Typically, doses are increased in these study types to help identify correlating toxicity.  The highest possible repeat dosage level can be identified during a 7 – 14 day study, which in turn is used to extrapolate dosage levels for your subsequent regulatory toxicological study.  The MTD is the maximum dose that can be given over a specified study period that will not compromise the survival of the test system.

Our DRF/MTD studies are designed to quickly and accurately provide a quality toxicological and toxicokinetic assessment of the test substance early in your drug development process — facilitating conduct of subsequent regulatory toxicological studies and potentially earlier entry into clinical trials.  The Attentive Science team routinely conducts preliminary in-vivo toxicity studies to determine appropriate doses for your single and multiple dose studies.  We provide flexible study designs during these test substance tolerance assays, to help ascertain relevant multiples of the efficacious dose.

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