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Attentive Science CEO, Alfred Botchway, PhD, was invited by our friends at BIoKansas to join them earlier this week during a discussion in San Diego at the 2022 BIO International Convention. This discussion was geared toward scientists at the forefront of discovery, and attendees of the event heard from other industry experts along with a patent attorney. The conversation revolved about what happens when discoveries move into the marketplace. The session explored topics including protecting IP, regulatory approval, what's required to get a patent, and how to handle conversations around ownership.

Although scientists work at the forefront of discovery, many do not have the knowledge or training on how to move academic discoveries and ideas into the marketplace. This knowledge gap slows the translation and application of scientific discoveries into commercialized products and treatments. Attendees learned how intellectual property can be protected and the requirements for patentability, as well as how to navigate key conversations on ownership. The session continued by exploring the process by which a discovery moves through the innovation pipeline to regulatory approval and eventual market entry.

Thank you to all who were able to attend the event this week. It was a pleasure to join this session with our colleagues from BioKansas, and it was wonderful to see so many of you throughout this year's BIO International Convention in San Diego.



Over the last few months, Attentive Science, a leading provider of drug discovery and development services, has been announcing that we have plans to grow our capacity for client projects by adding to both our facilities and our team of experts. As part of this ongoing growth model, Attentive Science is excited to announce today that Greg Bricker has joined the company effective April, 2022. Greg will join Tom Haymaker, who joined Attentive earlier this year, in offering our clients formulation screening, jugular and vein cannulation, CSF collections (in multiple test systems), blood collections, excreta collections, and virtually everything else related to Pharmacokinetic and DMPK Services.


Greg Bricker began his Pharmacokinetic career in 1988 at Oread Laboratories (Lawrence, Kansas), where he worked for 14 years as a study director on countless Pharmacokinetic and ADME studies.  While at Oread, Greg also performed many surgical procedures utilizing multiple test systems.  He subsequently continued his career at Quintiles, where he worked for approximately six years. It was at Quintiles that Greg met Tom Haymaker, Attentive’s current Associate Director of Pharmacokinetics and Alfred Botchway, Attentive’s CEO, conducted further PK and DMPK research until joining both Tom and Alfred at Xenometrics, where he was a Study Director for over 14 years.


“I think everybody's struggling right now on timing - even for some of the most basic of studies. The team at Attentive is the one I want to join because they’ve set themselves up in a way – with their expertise as well at their new facility – that allows them to offer faster start times (and in many instances, at a lower cost, too!)”  ~Greg Bricker


Greg’s is a perfect fit with our team, as his philosophy on client interaction mirrors that of Attentive. He believes in regular and clear communication with the client about all project details in a way that lets the client make better, faster, and more informed decisions on their next steps.


With Greg joining the organization – combined with the upcoming transition into bigger, newly-remodeled facility (which we will be officially announcing in our next blog) – Attentive will now be able to average between 60 and 80 studies every four to six weeks for our customers… and we have plans to grow the team again soon. Keep your eyes on Attentive for more on that!



Attentive Science, a leading provider of drug discovery and development services, announced today that Tom Haymaker has joined the company as Associate Director of Pharmacokinetics effective January, 2022.

Attentive is excited to have Tom joining the team. He will be paying particular attention to our near- and long-term plans in expanding our pharmacokinetic services currently being provided to the industry. Tom brings his decades of experience in supporting the Biotech, Pharma and Animal Health Industry to Attentive Science, and will primarily be establishing new relationships and building even stronger existing relationships, as well as ensuring accurate conduct of your studies.

Tom Haymaker has been doing research since graduating in 1990, when he began his career conducting studies for the animal feed industry for nearly 11 years. He then transitioned his knowledge to the pre-clinical biopharma space shortly thereafter. Tom worked for Quintiles preclinical for around four years, starting as a study coordinator before transitioning to a study director, where he worked directly with the business development team. His work during that period involved helping with pricing structures, scheduling and study execution. This skill set was helpful when working with Alfred Botchway to help found Xenometrics in 2006, where Tom worked for around 11 years before Xenometrics was acquired by Citoxlabs. Most recently, Tom has been working as an Associate Director of Pharmacokinetics for a large multinational CRO. Since our industry tends to be such a niche one, during the decades Tom has devoted to doing research and studying pharmacokinetics, he has worked with virtually every major organization and its experts.


“I am most excited about the opportunity to reconnect with all of these clients again, and be able to offer them the attentive approach a smaller CRO can offer – being able to meet their needs on a more customized level is what drives me right now.”

– Tom Haymaker


“Many of you – most of you, in fact – already know Tom. He embodies the individualistic approach that Attentive offers its clients. His desire to offer a more custom approach to each project is that same philosophy that we treasure as an organization.”

– Alfred Botchway, PhD., DSP

We were getting ready to see you in person, but things changed.  

As the date approached both you and us were notified the meeting had gone virtual.  Lets connect virtually. 

Attentive Science personnel will be at the upcoming virtual SPS meeting in October.  

Our folks have attended every single annual meeting since 2003.  Always been a source of great content for the scientific community.  Hopefully this will be the last virtual one, as we are all missing seeing good people in person.

Kyle Kappeler recently joined Attentive Science as the Director of Toxicology.  He is responsible for the scientific oversight of the technical conduct, interpretation, analysis, documentation and reporting of Toxicology study results.  In addition, he will be providing study design consultation for clients as they work towards getting their product to the market. 

In this newsletter, we take a minute to interview Kyle to give all you the opportunity to get to know him a tad better…

Tell us a bit about your background?

I have over 10 years of toxicology experience with 8+ years of direct experience in the contract research environment with a primary focus in general toxicology.  I spent 2 years as a NIEHS post-doctoral fellow at The University of Arizona in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology researching the molecular response of arsenic exposure in skin cells.  After my fellowship ended, I gained most of my experience and knowledge in general toxicology having served as a Senior Toxicologist/Study Director at WIL Research and MRIGlobal in support of IND, Global Registration, and Food Safety Assessment submissions in accordance with FDA, OECD, US.E.P.A, ICH and/or EFSA guidelines for 6 years.  For the past 2 ½ years, I was the Director of Toxicology for CRL-Stilwell (formally Xenometrics and Citoxlab USA).  

You have worked at several companies over the last 8 years, what have you learned from the various companies and how will it influence your approach at Attentive Science?

The most important lessons I learned throughout my past experiences was being approachable and being hands on with everything you do.  Adopting these philosophies have served me well both as a Study Director and Director.  As a Study Director, I would make it a point to be directly involved with the conduct of the study and not be a “remote” monitoring Study Director.  That direct involvement allowed me to learn the details that don’t show up in the data files that can help troubleshoot any study issues or provide more context to the data.  Also, being involved in the laboratory helps to build the trust of the study team (technical staff and client).  Having trust between myself and the study team resulted in direct communication about the study and produces an overall better experience for the client.  Furthermore, building trust between myself and the technical team also served to break-down the stigma that study directors are “unapproachable”.  I valued the input I received from the technicians and in several circumstances, they felt empowered to bring protocol/study issues to my attention, which prevented potential problems from escalating.  Taking the lessons I learned as a Study Director and the best approaches from people I deemed as mentors, I was able to mold a managerial style that fits my personality and is authentic to me.  I try to hold myself accountable to the group and lead by example, which I hope raises the expectation bar for everyone else to follow.  

What should clients expect of you as the Director of Toxicology?

I plan to be involved with each and every study that is conducted at Attentive Science.  Some of the times, I may be providing scientific feedback for a study related activity, report reviews, study design consultations or at times, I might be your Study Director.  As a client, you will no-longer have to guess “who” you need to contact to get your study specific requests addressed.  If you don’t have an already established relationship with an Attentive Science member, I will serve as a direct contact to you and can be reached anytime by email or by cellphone.  In addition, I will be promoting the “study team” mentality, which includes not only members of Attentive Science, but the client as well.  Keeping you the client informed/involved in the conduct of the study, is in my opinion, a critical piece of the puzzle to help generate a high-quality study.  Having a fully engaged study team allows for direct communication and, as a client, you will never have to wonder how your study is going.   

What excites you most about joining Attentive Science?  

I’m most excited to be working with a boutique, flexible, experienced and team-oriented company.  I think being small is an advantage in the current environment because we will constantly re-evaluate our processes, receive constructive/meaningful input from our clients, which will be used to make any appropriate changes in a timely manner to avoid inefficiency and becoming ineffective.  Lastly, I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work along-side Dr. Botchway (CEO), Phil Atterson (COO), and the rest of the Attentive Science team as we grow this company to meet the ever growing needs of the non-clinical research industry.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the contact link within the Attentive Science website. The Attentive Science team is looking forward to working with you. 

STILWELL, KS, November 10, 2020 – Attentive Science, a leading provider of drug discovery and development services, announced today that Phil Atterson, BSc, MSc, has joined the Company as Chief Operating Officer effective 10th November, 2020.

"Phil’s extensive experience in the CRO industry will help us grow Attentive Science by providing broader expertise to our clients and staff," said Dr. Alfred Botchway, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. "In this industry it is important to have an understanding of the client experience and expectations and this is something that Phil excels in. I am excited to work once again with Phil here at Attentive Science."

Prior to joining Attentive Science, Mr. Atterson established a reputation as a leader in contract research organizations where he worked in roles of increasing responsibility for more than four decades, working through technical positions, as a study director into management. He started his career in the Pharmacology Department at Huntingdon Research Centre in the UK before moving to Quintiles preclinical. After moving to the US to establish a Safety Pharmacology group at Quintiles in Kansas City he transferred to WIL Research to head up their Pharmacology team. He returned to Kansas City, rejoining colleagues at Xenometrics. Prior to joining Attentive Science, Phil was site director for Citoxlab USA in Kansas.

“I am delighted to join Attentive Science,” said Mr. Atterson. "The team that Alfred has already on boarded are people I have worked with previously who I know and respect. This group has demonstrated success in the past and I know that, we will continue to provide our clients with the high quality and personal experience that they expect from us."