Specialty Studies

Companion animal health and safety is important to one health initiative. From management of weight loss of your best companion through to treatment of ailments or severe chronic conditions, you have a range of alternatives available to you with Attentive.


Target Animal Health/Safety

Companion animal health and safety is important to one health initiative. There are fundamental differences between human and companion animal therapeutic safety testing.  Members of the Attentive Science team have extensive experience performing Bioequivalence Studies and Guideline 185 Target Animal Safety for Veterinary Pharmaceutical (VICH GL 43, April 2009) studies in appropriate test systems conducted under the principles of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). 


Ensuring Safe Food Supply

Food safety testing is a vital part of maintaining the health and wellbeing of consumers. The importance of testing food, how it’s transported, and the facilities it originates from have been prioritized in recent months as more consumers become wary of what enters their home and what they put on or within their bodies.  Ensuring our global food supply system is safe, nutritious, and sustainable requires rigorous testing.  


Investigational New Drug (IND)

Depending on the results of each nonclinical study, the research program could take several different paths to complete the series of studies. In contrast to the common characterization of a drug development “pipeline” being a unidirectional flow from discovery to utilization, a diverse map of potentially failure-prone learning maps must be navigated by scientists with multiple backgrounds .