2023 In Motion: Moving Forward After a Short Glance Behind
In 2023, Attentive has cemented its status as a premier provider of services
2022 was a year of tremendous growth for Attentive Science. Despite the challenges that come with expanding an organization, we were able to achieve success adding new team members and resources, maintaining the level of attention our clients needed, ensuring scalability of processes, making sure that the team continued to function, and allowing time for training and expansion of talent base.

In 2022, we made a calculated decision to invest in employee training and skill development to ensure that we maintain our emphasis on providing personalized attention to our clients and supporting their research efforts. At the same time, to accommodate our growing business, we also expanded our  physical facilities. This expansion required meticulous planning to guarantee a seamless transition for our clients. We carefully mapped out the progression of their projects, taking into account the various buildings that their projects could be in during different stages of the process. We also made sure to assign the appropriate team members to manage these changes, without disrupting the proficiency and resources of our existing teams. We are proud of our successful execution of this expansion, but what makes us even more proud is that our clients have given positive feedback during the expansion.

Attentive has cemented its status as a premier provider of services to the biotech, pharmaceutical, and agrochemical sectors. Our unwavering performance and focus on attentiveness have allowed us to do so. As we move into 2023, we are well-equipped to surpass our clients' expectations and persist in our commitment to being attentive to their needs.

For 2023, our clients can expect to see an even greater emphasis on the true definition of "Attentive," as we will be attending to the comfort and needs of you, your team, and your projects. Our main focus this year is to work more closely with our suppliers, subcontractors, and teams in certain areas such as histopathology and the CDISC Standard for the Exchange of  Nonclinical Data (SEND). These 2 areas have been pinch points subsequent to completion of in-life phases and are critical to study reporting. We are determined to eliminate bottlenecks that often impact the timelines of our clients' projects in the industry. We are constantly working on improving our individual and collective abilities and expertise to be the best collaborators for our clients in the industry. We plan to do this in a unique and innovative ways including bolding “enhancing tech in biotech”. With the right personnel in place and the right infrastructure, we believe we are ahead of the curve in terms of being able to quickly support our clients with these and other services.

We invite those who have not yet had the opportunity to experience the level of attention and service that is required in this industry to allow us to demonstrate and share with you what "Attentive" truly means. We stand ready to provide you with the level of service and support that you need to succeed.

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