An Introduction to Attentive Science's New Vice President of Client Relations, Tareq Abu-Nadi
We welcome our newest addition to Attentive!
Building upon our promises of growth, quality and better customer experiences, Attentive Science is proud to introduce our new Vice President of Client Relations, Tareq Abu-Nadi.

With over 20 years in the Contract Research Experience industry, Tareq brings a high level of expertise from a number of large and small Pharma and biotech organizations over the course of his career. His addition to Attentive Science follows the expansion of our facilities and a number of key individuals who have joined the Attentive family over the last year or so.

Here, we are happy to introduce Tareq, and allow him to give a bit of background on his experiences and what has ultimately led him to join Attentive Science...

"Hello! My name is Tareq Abu-Nadi."

I've been in the Contract Research Organization (CRO) industry for about 20 years and the impact and advances in research and medicine continue to motivate me to continue in this field. I began my journey in Madison, Wisconsin, working in a neuro-toxicology group. While advancing my career in the company, I was recruited and relocated to OSI Pharmaceuticals in Boulder, Colorado.

During my time at OSI. I served as an in-house study director. I ran many different types of studies ranging from  Pharmacokinetics (PK) to GLP  Toxicology (TOX). A significant amount of my study director skills was developed during my time at OSI. I was later recruited by a small CRO also located in Boulder, Colorado where I got to work with arthritis models amongst other PK and TOX studies.

The next stage of my career was to co-found and spearhead the development of a small regional CRO in San Diego, California. I took on the role of Study Director while developing contacts and building up the company. As the company grew and we were able to onboard additional personnel, my position in the company continued to develop and I eventually held the title of Chief Operating Officer. I remained with the company for approximately 15 years before I decided that it was time for a break and a change. In fact, I would still be semi-retired had I not been impressed and drawn to the leadership and operations teams at Attentive Science.

One of the things that immediately drew me to Attentive was its rapid growth. Though it started operations under the name Attentive Science within the past few years, its leadership, team, and focus on quality have allowed them to double their capacity in less than three years. The team at Attentive Science includes individuals that have been working in the industry for decades. These individuals, in addition to the rest of the team, work diligently to be successful in the industry and to ensure that everything is done to the highest level of quality. Attentive’s highly talented team, expertise, and quality work have helped the company become more attractive, not only to organizations looking for a trustworthy in-life facility, but also to very talented and experienced scientists.

In an industry plagued with high turnover, Attentive seems to have found the solution to the “revolving door” of employees. The majority of those I have met have been working with each other for years, some even decades, before Attentive. Having a good team, a good work environment, and the development of a positive attitude toward one another, opposite to the norm in the industry, has led to a higher retention of staff at all levels, including at the technician and middle management levels.

What Better Place to Meet than at Trade Shows & Conferences?

Trade show season is upon us, and it has been a pretty active season so far. The first meeting I attended with Attentive Science was the Society of Toxicology meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a wonderful conference where we enjoyed seeing previous clients and meeting and creating new contacts. After the Nashville SOT, Attentive attended AAPS NBC, CPHI, PBSS-San Francisco, and NorCal SOT. We are looking forward to meeting and seeing everyone this year.  I am personally excited about meeting everyone face-to-face and representing Attentive. We are planning on making our way through our industry events and continuing with next month’s Bio International meeting in Boston.

If you plan to attend or find yourself at any upcoming tradeshows, please let us know. We would love to chat and can schedule a time to make sure we can meet.

Attentive Science Will Take Part in BioKansas’ “Access to Research and Infrastructure” CRO Symposium