Attentive: Helping Guide the Conversation
Attentive Helping to Guide the Conversation Within the Bioanalytical Scientific Research Industry
The Kansas City area offers a number of ways to address the intricate needs of the bioscience industry. Over the years, the area has brought together a range of diverse companies supporting the development of small molecule and biologic therapies. Showcasing these resources of research and infrastructure available here in the heartland has become a focus of ours. We want the industry to know what can be done here – and the things that are happening now!

Recently, Attentive worked with KCAS and BioKansas to put together a symposium to showcase the infrastructure and the research capabilities in and around the Kansas City area. We did this by getting several local companies to be involved - and even visit them - to learn what they do. We wanted to cover the whole gamut of infrastructure from academia, nonclinical, clinical research and manufacturing, altogether. So we selected three or four potential speakers for each panel and invited them to attend. Within a short time we found a venue that was available and had fully seated our panels.

The focus of these panels included:

-       Small Molecule and Biologics Research in the Nonclinical Environment

-       Vaccines, Medical Devices, Biologics, and Small Molecules in the Clinical Research Environment

-       Biologics and Small Molecule Contract Development and Manufacturing

 In addition to our panels and presentations, we invited both attendees and presenters/panelist to join us in the morning as we toured three separate facilities, including laboratory spaces, around Kansas City.

The benefit to the attendees – aside from networking and connecting with local leaders within our space – was getting to see what local companies like Attentive offer. By taking them on tours of these three separate industry locations, it allowed some who might not have considered KC as a scientific research focused area or a career destination to begin seeing us as a viable option. In addition to that, other ancillary industries like software providers, manufacturers, etc. were shown that there really is a lot going on here in Kansas City within our industry.

Many who previously had been a phone call away were now in the state of Kansas realizing “oh, wow - actually we could get our studies completed here with our partnerships”. One of the features showcased during our tours was the fact that while these entities are separate, they are only a few minutes away from one another and when Attentive collaborates with KCAS, for example, you can have samples delivered the same day with no trouble at all because of the proximity of the facilities and their geography in relation to one another. Explaining this to customers and colleagues over the phone is one thing, but to be able to actually experience the drive time – in real time – was very beneficial.

Attentive is proud to be part of the things happening within the pharma, biopharma and contract research realms here in Kansas, and we plan to continue identifying more opportunities to showcase those things and make Kansas a “FlyTo” State.

If you would like to get a first-hand look at our facilities and capabilities, contact us about setting up an in person tour! We would love to have you visit!

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