Attentive is Finally Coming Out...
...during SOT 2022 in San Diego next week!
Having been founded just before COVID descended upon us, the pandemic has prevented us from the opportunity we’ve been looking forward to with all of you for some time now – our first in-person tradeshow with you! At this point, it is safe to say that virtual conferences were a bit of a disappointment, but now it seems things are finally beginning to get back to normal, and we are hoping this 2022 SOT meeting is going to be one to remember – the day when the world’s toxicologists came back together to finally meet in person once again!

Prior to the pandemic, many of us here at Attentive remember attending SOT in many of its previous locations around the country … so many positive and exciting experiences. And what has set SOT apart from the alphabet soup of other shows over the years is the breadth of its attendance. There are always industry leaders there – and our vendors as well. It has given us the chance to see what is going on in the industry and the science being presented is always top notch. So historically, we have attended SOT not just for the marketing opportunities, but also to learn about the state of the industry and contribute to our scientific community… to be part of cutting-edge science.

More than that, though, we’re looking forward to connecting again with all of YOU.

We look forward to being able to have good conversations; learning how you’ve grown and understanding where you are in your programs; listening to where our vendors are in terms of their supply chains; and ultimately re-engaging with the tone of the industry to establish the best way we can help you plug back in with all services we are ready to share with you!

During the show – even before and a little after, really - Attentive will be available when you are, to meet with you and your team. If you are an early bird, let’s go get coffee and breakfast. If your team are late-night folks, let’s plan a trip to the pub… we’ll meet you there!

And of course, we will be attending and exhibiting at the booth throughout the show as well. You will find us at booth #1824, and there will be a smiling Attentive face ready to meet you and discuss your current and future programs! We are going to have a number of resources and pieces that will inform you on how Attentive can help you with your upcoming projects.

In fact, we have a number of other incentives for you to come visit us at our booth.. we are going to be doing a few giveaways/getaway - one of which will definitely be worth the time it takes to swing by and check out!

We have the flexibility now to fit in a meeting with you, but our dance card may fill up if you wait too long, so let us know when you would like to meet next week. We are so looking forward to seeing all of you again next week in San Diego!

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