Attentive's Client-Calibrated Approach
In an industry that often looks for a one-size-fits-all solution, Attentive takes a different approach.
How does the industry increase efficiency?

Attentive has been asked this question over and over again and we came up with our Client Calibrated Approach. Quite simply, this approach allows clients direct access to their scientist and technical team handling their project. This should not be a complex or difficult solution; however, it is rarely available to clients in the industry.

This approach has several benefits:

· It eliminates unnecessary steps to get project specifications into the minds and hands of an Attentive scientist. Our flat structure removes mundane procedures and the chain of client service individuals, thus providing the client direct access to the scientist conducting their studies. Consequently, eliminating time wasted communicating between teams and unnecessary handling of information via the tribal method, i.e from generation to generation by word of mouth.  Attentive believes in direct communication between the person placing the work and the person executing the work.

· It streamlines communication between client and scientist. If you, the client have a question, getting an answer from an Attentive Scientist is only one call/email away. Which means you can get an answer on the spot to your most pressing questions. Other questions such as: can we do the work (yes or no), what is the cost going to be or what the timelines will look like ($X and delivered MMDDYY) will be answered in real-time as all Attentive Scientist have access to this information.

· As a client, you will not have to wait weeks to get response for an inquiry, proposal request or project specific details. You should receive expedited turnaround times in terms of response to an inquiry, execution of a project and delivery of the final product.

· It allows Attentive to become an extension of our client’s team. We don’t just throw something over the fence when we are finished executing our portion of the project. We make sure the transition process is smooth and our clients don’t feel any pain. If we have to outsource a portion of the project, we make sure the clients don’t feel the pain of the project being outsourced.

Our Client Calibrated Approach eliminates the headaches of the endless back and forth between client, business development rep, project manager and scientist. Our clients have a single point of contact and access to the scientist who is working on their project daily. This allows them to stay up to speed with progress being made and any challenges that may come up during the project.

This approach takes a process the industry has made unnecessarily complex and simplifies it to increase efficiency, expedite turnaround times and removes headaches for our clients. The Attentive Client Calibrated Approach is the effective answer to a common industry problem.

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