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Attentive has always been committed to providing the best client experience possible. In this business climate, accessibility to information and outstanding service are of paramount importance in meeting the needs of our clients. Because of this, Attentive is pleased to introduce an updated website to give our current and prospective clients the tools they need to easily obtain answers about our services, management practices, capabilities and information about the events Attentive is attending within the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industry.

Ours is a very niche sector, so in your search for the ideal testing facility, it is important that you be able to quickly identify the capabilities of the candidate laboratory. The additions made to Attentive’s website have clearly outlined the services we provide so as to feature the tests you will need throughout the process of your project/s with us. The set of categories we have used to help you identify our services include:


Pharmacokinetic Services

With Attentive, you have at your disposal a wide range of in-vivo test systems as well as protocols and reporting infrastructure to ensure you receive quality data in a timely manner to select the best test substance and doses for your programs.

· High Throughput PK
· Long Term PK
· Comprehensive Dosing Routes
· Partner Workflow Streams
· Formulation Screening

Toxicology Services

Attentive’s processes ensure transparent communication, collaboration and dialogue that will keep up with your ever-changing needs for lead optimization, candidate selection as well as regulatory-enabling studies.

· Discovery Testing Services
· Maximum Tolerated Dose
· Dose Range Finding
· Acute/Chronic/Subchronic Studies


Safety Pharmacology

In addition to you obtaining scientifically robust data, you have access to a vast network of experts at Attentive.

· Cardiovascular
· Central Nervous System
· Respiratory

Specialty Studies

Companion animal health and safety is important to the One Health Initiative. From management of weight loss of your best companion through to treatment of ailments or severe chronic conditions, you have a range of alternatives available to you with Attentive.

· Target Animal Health/Safety
· Ensuring Safe Food Supply
· Investigational New Drug (IND Studies)


 In addition to the above services, you will find information about our Advisory Board, our Career Opportunities and the newest posts from Attentive on our Blog. You are invited to visit our updated website and let us know what you think!

 We look forward to hearing from you!

Attentive: Helping Guide the Conversation
Attentive Helping to Guide the Conversation Within the Bioanalytical Scientific Research Industry