Attentive Science will be in Denver next week for the 43rd ACT meeting
…and boy do we have a LOT to talk to you about when you stop by to see us!
Next week is the 43rd Annual Meeting of the American College of Toxicology, being held in Denver Colorado. Specialists at Attentive Science have been attending the conference as members for over 20 years now and whereas we also have attended events with the Society of Toxicology and the Society of Safety Pharmacology, membership with the ACT is a bit different. Having “College” in the name of this organization suggests that the purpose of the organization is more educational in nature, and we have found this to be true.

In addition to the learning opportunities available to members online throughout the year, the events held by the American College of Toxicology create an environment where we know we are going to learn and we will be able to stay abreast of what the industry is doing. This is where a large group of professionals like the ones at Attentive meet to not just interact with each other, but to set some new standards and share experiences. It is an opportunity for a number of professionals in the industry to get together and share their knowledge and expertise with one another and exchange new discoveries since the last time they all came together.

This year, Attentive will be bringing at least 4 toxicological specialists and study directors. They will all be on-hand to discuss your tox project needs. In addition to looking forward to seeing all of you in person, Attentive is excited to share all the changes we have seen as part of our growth and industry changes since the last ACT meetin g…

Since the last time we were at ACT (virtually in 2021), Attentive has seen an expansion of facilities (more than doubling our capacity), an addition of new services (specifically analytical services like dose formulation analysis), and the addition of new talented individuals to add to and – in some cases – lead our team to offer our clients more options and alternatives than ever before. In fact, Attentive has a number of new exciting things on the horizon that we will discuss for the first time with those of you who come by the booth in Denver.

Needless to say, it’s clear we have SO many reasons to look forward to seeing all of you next week. Let us know you would like to meet, and we can schedule a time to meet you and your team separately during the meeting. We will see you in Denver!
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