Attentive Science Will Take Part in BioKansas’ “Access to Research and Infrastructure” CRO Symposium
This month, BioKansas will host an event featuring local industry leaders, scientist and researchers providing a detailed exploration of the intricate contract research market around the Kansas area. As an integral part of this local ecosystem, Attentive has been invited to attend and present from the perspective of a toxicology and non-clinical laboratory. Attentive is excited to find itself as a thought leader in front of like-minded colleagues and peers within the industry to share our knowledge of the non-clinical space and highlight the region as the place for your drug development. It is important to us that we highlight and support biotech companies and contract research organizations, as well as the support infrastructure in and around the area. There are so many resources available that can support our worldwide clients in this region, and we welcome every opportunity to showcase that.

Participating in this event provides Attentive with the opportunity to share our expertise and demonstrate our ability to support our clients.

Attentive’s Director of Toxicology, James Randazoo, PhD, DABT, will be presenting on the topic of “Considerations for Formulation Development and Analysis in Preclinical Toxicology Studies” James’ background in the space has seen him manage hundreds of studies for numerous clients, ensuring that the sponsors’ programs are taken to a successful endpoint. We are confident that those attending his presentation during the upcoming symposium will learn quite a lot from what he has to share.

In addition to the opportunities to share knowledge and notes about the industry with our friends and colleagues, Attentive is proud to be hosting a number of on-site tours to our expanded facilities during the event.

Attentive promised late last year that we were going to build up our infrastructure in order to support more for our clients. We have been fortunate enough to have access to facilities that  we have completely transformed to meet our client's needs. In fact, our campus now has a lot of flexibility and potential in terms of real infrastructure that can be tapped into. This has enabled us to complete our most recent expansion, and we are looking forward to the upcoming tours. We have doubled our capacity, doubled our workforce, and we are now supporting more IND enabling studies and even offering entirely new service lines to better meet the needs of our customers. This is exciting news for our existing and future clients, just as it is for others within the industry. This increase in our facilities has allowed us to assist in providing decreased timelines, more flexibility with study start dates, and offer greater support in accomplishing our clients’ missions.

Looking forward to sharing knowledge and continued friendships

The invitation from BioKansas to present at the 2023 CRO symposium is a testament to Attentive's expertise and innovative contributions to the industry.  We look forward to answering any questions and connecting with other industry leaders and continue being a part of the evolutionary growth we have seen take place (and been part of) over the last few years in the KC region!

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