Being Attentive also means being brutally honest...
...with one’s self and others, too.
You have choices to make for your project, and thank you to our clients who stuck with us through 2022 as we all figured out the new norm. Determining the right CRO  is a key factor in making decisions on your choice of CRO  There is a time in everyone’s growth, when they realize they may have miscalculated a few steps. As a niche provider of nonclinical in-vivo services to the industry, Attentive has been expanding its ability to serve our customers with investments in our people, equipment and facilities, so here comes the honest truth from the past year.

Our promise to you is to continually improve on providing our new “Attentive” level of services and to advance our laboratories to serve your needs when it comes to reliable and competent data for your discovery and development programs. Our industry faced multiple challenges, which also led to backend delays.  Attentive did well in keeping its clients informed on potential delays of test system procurement and working with our suppliers to meet critical delivery dates.  Upon arrival of test systems, the Attentive team executed the prestudy and inlife activities to perfection as a result of having highly trained industry veterans. What it did not anticipate was the compilation of all the data, subreports and reports required to achieve a complete package.  We have taken steps internally to ensure project management becomes a significant priority for each study and program.  Our communication with our vendors on deliverables has also significantly been ramped up to allow complete transparency across the board.

Being more attentive and honest to our clients’ needs, allows us to help in a number of ways, such as:

Provide Faster Solutions – One of the most common things our customers need is real-time support. By identifying the needs of our clients Attentive can provide faster and more effective support.

Provide Higher Quality Data – By listening closely to our clients’ needs, we can produce data that is more tailored to the needs of their individual studies. This gives them the exact answers to the questions they are asking.

Continued Improvements to Our Products & Services – Staying attentive to what you need from us.  If Attentive can be better in any way, please do not hesitate to call our CEO directly at 913 308 0700.

Attentive Science will be in Denver next week for the 43rd ACT meeting
…and boy do we have a LOT to talk to you about when you stop by to see us!