Defining Attentive: Taking a Closer Look
What Makes the Difference at Attentive?
The industry is changing. While many small-to-midsize CRO’s have been slowly evolving in an attempt to meet the needs of their customers, recent years have seen a rise in the trend toward merger and acquisition across the industry. As more and more service providers are being consolidated into the larger “big guy” organizations, the once common, small, but very capable service providers are now becoming less common. This leaves options feeling limited – and possibly volatile, with the possibility of another acquisition always just around the corner.


Recently, we’ve been spreading the news about a new way to think about and evaluate your CRO. We delivered the message about how Sometimes Smaller is Better, explaining the advantages of working with a boutique CRO, and why it has become a good idea to consider avoiding “the big guys” within the industry. Then we delivered a follow-up to that message, describing The New Level of Attention You Can Expect from Attentive and the new, unique ways Attentive is changing the industry by reshaping the expectations of a CRO. With this third and final message in our introductory series, we want to describe the ways Attentive is living up to all these promises we’re making.


The level of detail and individual service from your CRO should be an expectation that can be measured, monitored and replicated throughout your project. At Attentive, we listen to the needs of our clients and make promises we deliver by bringing a new “Attentive” level of service. We are raising the bar for CRO expectations, and below are the ways we do it.



Is it Our People Who Make the Difference?




If you work with someone for a long time, you know them well. You build trust and things get done more efficiently, and that efficiency translates to benefits for the client because there are fewer constant checks needed throughout the process.



Being able to trust is paramount. The people you trust make all the difference. The amount of trust built by the years spent working together has resulted in an efficient organization with impeccable quality at Attentive.



With Attentive, you have a higher level of accessibility to professionals, from management to your study directors to your technicians  – across the entire company. This streamlines the decision-making process and results in a faster, higher-quality product.



Is it Our Facilities?




With many of the larger CROs in our space, sponsors often don’t know where their work is being done. These “Big Guys” have multiple locations – You the sponsor do not  get to choose. Corporate folks at the “Big Guys” decide where your work is to be done.



With Attentive, you can always be sure that the people you meet are the people who will execute the elements of your project.  You the sponsor get to benefit from effective communication, increased efficiency, and mitigated surprises – ultimately saving you time and money.



Attentive is housed within facilities originally built by a multi-national organization with state-of-the art infrastructure and equipment and an eye on expansion for the future. We benefit from technology that has already been used to bring safe products to the world, and we continue to make significant improvements to our facilities.



Is it Our Level of Expertise?




With an average 15 of years experience by every senior team member, and decades of collected experience by our technicians and other staff, Attentive is well-suited to assist you with your projects. 


Being small and focused, our staff educate themselves with the details of the study. They want to understand not just what we should do… but why we are doing it. We get involved. We take your science to the next level and become part of your expert team.



Is it Our Attention to Detail?




With highly trained industry veterans at Attentive Science, there is less time spent on “fixing errors”. This means more time is spent on your project creating a higher-quality product for the preclinical CRO industry. It is now well known that some of the “big guys” are actually skipping regular quality training and putting projects at risk.  In an industry where quality is paramount, attention to detail and quality training must remain a priority.



By paying attention to you and your mission, Attentive ensures quality is exceptional. Unique attention to quality leads to creating better standards, and Attentive is creating better standards for the non-clinical CRO industry. We listen and are able to tackle your challenges together with you - and Attentive Science actually delivers on its promise. If we say we can do it, we will deliver on the NEW “Attentive” level of service. Even if considered a small preclinical CRO, Attentive is leading the charge in raising the bar for CRO’s.


You have choices to make for your project. Determining the right CRO will be key among those decisions. As a niche provider of nonclinical in-vivo services to the industry, Attentive will be expanding its ability to serve our customers with investments in our people, equipment and facilities. Our promise to you is to continually improve on providing our services and to advance our laboratories to serve your needs when it comes to reliable and competent data for your discovery and development programs. We invite you to take a closer look at Attentive – you’ll be happy with what you find.


We understand the limitations of our current times that may keep visitors from roaming about our laboratories for now, but even with that limitation, we are technology-enabled to provide a virtual tour – let us know when you are available and we will show you around!

Sometimes Smaller is Better
There are advantages to working with a boutique CRO vs the “big guys” within the industry