Discovery Toxicology and Pharmacokinetic Services from Attentive Science
Our experience gives you faster results, so you can make decisions about your lead candidate selection sooner.
Attentive offers Discovery Toxicology and Pharmacokinetic services amongst other non-clinical services.  We partner with our clients during the early phase of Discovery to assess exposure of our client’s compounds within the body and get an idea of potential toxicity of the compound. Clients come to us with 10 – 20 compounds and we preform PK/TOX studies to provide data to narrow down and help select the lead compounds with the best exposure, least amount of toxicity and the most likely candidate for success to take to market.

With the current climate of merger and acquisitions, sending test substances overseas and/or working with the big CROs we hear from our clients that the Discovery Tox/PK studies take a long time to kick off, have multiple bureaucratic layers to get through and it is hard, if not impossible to get immediate hold of the scientist who is working on your project.  These are major challenges that add days, if not weeks to the drug development process and cost clients valuable time and money.

Considering how long the drug development process is, and what it takes to get a drug to market, every day counts and every day you can knock off in the development timeline means money saved.  Working with Attentive we can help you make a decision on a lead candidate selection faster.

We are based in Kansas; you can ship your test substance overnight and we can start on your project the next day.  Rather than waiting on shipping your test substance to places like China, waiting on getting them processed and received, waiting on the study to be run and waiting on the data to come back.  With us being local the shipping process is easier and less expensive and in return saves time and money.

Our company structure allows us to be nimble and efficient and we have a Client-Calibrated Approach to streamline communication.  Clients speak directly to scientist working on their project, allowing rapid communication which also in return saves time and money.

Furthermore, Attentive has partnered with KCAS, a Bioanalytical and Biomarker lab to create a simple and efficient system to address all our clients study analysis needs during a discovery PK and/or TOX study.

All of these components allow us to be nimble and more efficient than our competition. We provide better results and work within tight deadlines which allows our clients to get their drug to the market quicker and more cost effectively.

Attentive's Client-Calibrated Approach
In an industry that often looks for a one-size-fits-all solution, Attentive takes a different approach.