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Attentive promised late last year that we were going to build up our infrastructure in order to support more of our clients. We did so by doubling our capacity, doubling our workforce, and supporting more IND enabling studies. As a result of the growth, it was inevitable that we would need to begin adding more and more expertise, in order to continue supporting you. These opportunities have allowed us to bring on a well-respected and reputable individual who has been in our industry for a while, in fact – until recently – was working for one of the big boys for a long time.

The notoriety of James Randazzo, PhD, DABT is quite evident in the way his colleagues engage with him and responded to his transition to Attentive as exemplified below:

James has managed hundreds of studies for numerous clients, ensuring that the sponsors’ programs are taken to a successful endpoint, and we have every confidence that the level of expertise he is bringing to Attentive will increase the positive experiences our clients will have. Immediately, they can expect even more responsiveness, more attention to detail, and a true expert’s viewpoint on their programs.

We didn't just go out and hire the first person available person… instead, we started our search to fill this position ten months ago because of how important we knew it would be and we knew it was so important to get it right for the experience of our clients.  We diligently targeted key individuals and we did not stop until we found the right person.

We interviewed multiple people with various levels of experience, and we realized quickly that it was going to be most vital for us to find an individual with the right cultural “fit” for our existing team. We knew this meant it would come down to more than just resumes, so we would need to really be patient – and thankfully, our clients were patient with us.

So now here we are, at the end of a long search, and we believe we have found the right individual to fill this role, as James now joins the Attentive group of scientists. With the added expertise and the new services added, our clients are going to have top-tier experiences as we work with them on their projects. For instance, we have recently added dose formulation analysis, which was previously a huge bottleneck for many of our clients, who had to scramble to find that service after their in-life services had been initiated. Now we integrate quality dose formulation analysis right into your research program here at Attentive and prevent unnecessary interruptions.

James’ experience in conducting, and managing associates involved in general, genetic, and inhalation toxicology studies further enhances the Attentiveness of the company.  2023 is going to be a great year for our clients and we are excited to have James be part of that vision.

Call James and us at 913 308 0700 and let us help you with your planning, execution and reporting of your research programs.

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