One size does NOT always fit all
You want to feel like your project is unique and important. At Attentive... it is.
As a client of any service - and particularly a professional service - your expectations are justifiably high.  After all, you are paying for it.  The folks here at Attentive not only understand your level of expectation… we share it. In fact, we may even expect more out of ourselves for your project than you do.  The larger competitors in our industry often times take client studies and programs for granted, Attentive stands apart as an organization that doesn’t just appreciate each project and client; we put ourselves in your shoes, we treat each study a bit different, according to the needs of you the client and your project. Many of our competitors use only standard and universal “paths” typically dictated by them rather than giving you a voice. This leaves many of you feeling like you have been given a number and told to stand in line rather than feeling like you have found a team to work with, on mutually acceptable terms to reach the personalized solutions you seek.

Even before you receive that first call from Attentive, we have already started treating many of you as a unique potential client by researching your program to determine if Attentive might be a good fit for you. Quite often by the time we introduce ourselves, we already know enough about you and your project/s that you feel at home right away. From the first moment you interact with Attentive - be it virtual or in person - you will experience a warm welcoming courteous team ready to listen to your needs rather than immediately dictating your path.

And when we begin with you as our client, and you request information, it is delivered in record time. We have had clients say “Attentive has definitely set a record in shortest time for master service agreement negotiation and execution”. Our recent record time was 24 hours from initial request to full execution by both parties.

Everyone appreciates individual attention and respect. You need to feel like your study/program is important, and at Attentive, it really is. Once we engage with you, you will never forget the Attentive client experience.  There is full transparency in all phases of our interaction with you and your team, because we strongly believe all parties get to benefit and achieve their mission through transparency. Our scientists are ready to get on the phone with you, if necessary, on day 1 of our initial interaction.  Unlike the larger CRO’s where you get passed from one business development or client service person to the other, Attentive prefers to have you front and center to make sure the “shoe” being proposed for you actually fits. Once the program design has been agreed upon, the same scientist will execute the study/program on your behalf and keep you abreast of the progress during the study and all the way to the program completion. From the start, you will be part of the “A Team”.

Regardless of our competitors’ approach… one size does NOT fit all.

You and your company are unique and therefore an individualized approach for you is important.

• Rapid response to your requests

• One-on-one attention from the scientists who will run your study

• Fair pricing and quality data

These are all things you should be able to expect for your program because – quite frankly – this is what your program deserves …and at Attentive, this is what you will experience. In fact, don’t be surprised if you get a call from the CEO of Attentive Science as part of the follow up process during your project to ensure you are having or have had a great client experience. That’s just the sort of thing you’re likely to experience from an organization that prides itself on its attention to each client.

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