Pharmacokinetic Services from Attentive
Repeatable Speed and Accuracy - Every time.
Finding a laboratory to seamlessly conduct your pharmacokinetics (PK) studies with quality as a focus can be a challenge. The “big” labs can do it, but generally if you are not a priority client, you may find yourself working with their “B team” and it may be that they don’t move as fast as you need. In the long run, this adversely affects your project – in both cost and time.

When it comes to PK work, you generally need the project done quickly, accurately and reliably – every time.

Many PK projects are being put into long queues by large CROs in our industry. And depending on the type of services needed, there are even some projects that are outright rejected because that CRO does not appreciate the financial value of your study or the urgency you have.

At Attentive, we will not only take on your project and complete it promptly, we will take it a step further by focusing heavily on quality - and we are known for our turnaround times. Our technical capabilities are the result of YEARS of experience our veterans-of-the-industry have. Whereas the “big guys” may tend to experience turnover within their laboratories (which leads to constant on-the-job training to new positions throughout), Attentive’s team has stayed firmly grounded and have worked with each other for decades.

PK Services involve a number of skill sets and techniques across many species and matrices. You have to be adept at administering test articles across a number of routes and species, and Attentive brings the experience necessary to excel at executing these studies. If we say we can do it, we can -  and definitely will. We give every level of your project a superior attention to detail, and keep you in the loop throughout the process.

Below are some of the PK Services offered from Attentive Science:

Rapid In Vivo Assays
Comprehensive Dosing Routes
Partner Workflow Streams
Deliverable Based Solutions
Formulations Screening
High-throughput Screening

We’re not the biggest, but we offer the highest in quality and we will get it done when we promise. If you need a PK assay to determine if your test article is absorbed, distributed, eliminated or excreted, and either don’t have a lab or are working with a CRO that is not efficient, we look forward to starting a conversation to assist you by providing reliable and defendable data for your drug development program.

Expect a New Level of Attention from Attentive
Many will promise attention to your project details. Only we put it in our name - because we live by it.