Sometimes Smaller is Better
There are advantages to working with a boutique CRO vs the “big guys” within the industry
There are massive tangible advantages of working together with a boutique CRO as opposed to the “big guys”.  Boutique CRO’s have a distinct advantage of attentiveness, adaptability, speed and quality.  In the scientific research industry where quality of data is paramount, paying attention is critical.

It is time to separate the BEST from the biggest; By not being the giants of the nonclinical CRO space, boutique CROs such as Attentive Science are attentive to you and your mission.  Industry veterans are able to respond to you with speed and accuracy.  A simple differentiation of a boutique CRO is evident in responding to your request for a quotation for a specific study type.  A boutique CRO will respond to you within 2 days, whilst the “big guys” may take 2 weeks.  It is inherent in the structure of the “big guys” to have multiple layers of review and red tape, thus clogging their own wheel.

When and why it is advantageous to go with boutique rather than the “big guys”

Your sophisticated research requires specialized services, which is why you should work with a boutique CRO.  If you have been told that you are, and/or treated like the small fish, boutique CROs such as Attentive Science will work together with you to ensure you remain special, simply because you are special.  We are all unique, and you should not let anyone convince you otherwise.  You don’t have to imagine anymore what it will feel like to be special and not be crumped up in the “big guys” queue and its bureaucracy.  Attentive Science pays more attention to you, your company and its mission.

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