State of the ART Technology
Yet another way that Attentive stands apart - and far ahead - of our competitors
Anytime we meet a new client, there are a number of questions they have in order to “check the boxes” in terms of their standard expectations of our abilities as a nonclinical contract research laboratory.

These include “Does the facility operate under GLP quality standards?”, “What are your current queues and timelines?”, “What form does your reporting take?”, “Are test systems routinely socially-housed?” and “What level of experience does your team have?”. These are all standard initial questions – for which we offer answers that consistently impress – but once we move past these basic inquiries, we begin the discussion about specific elements that separate the real players within the industry from those who are not yet ready for your research program.

The nonclinical research industry – and specifically the toxicological testing industry – has become more and more reliant on data consistency via new technology. These advances have touched both the hardware within laboratory settings as well as the software used to capture, measure and submit study data. Clients often ask if we utilize the most common industry software, such as Provantis v10, and we are proud to  answer “yes” every time. Attentive has invested in our software resources at the same level as our equipment and facilities, which means we are prepared to handle virtually all of your in-vivo toxicological research needs.

As part of conducting projects for clients, partner pathologists can also read slides and input their pathological data and evaluation information directly onto Attentive’s Provantis server. By taking advantage of highly-encrypted cloud-based data storage, pathologists sitting in a remote locations – or even in separate facilities - can login and input data, which our other scientists can instantly receive/review and begin using to continue making critical decisions for you as applicable. This ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Clinical observations, body weight, dosing, sample collections, etc. – it all goes into the software; and all in one place. What you get is a centrally-located source for all of your data, where you can generate reports and exchange data without missing a beat.

While most of our competitors are still using individual spreadsheets, Attentive takes our responsibility for your project and data accuracy to the next level by employing a custom built full-enterprise resource planner throughout our organization. We couple the power of Provantis - the industry standard we’ve been discussing above - with our custom software to manage virtually all aspects of our processes. This includes creation/management & version control of SOPs, management of training & training records, organizational charts, scheduling, pharmacy, test system management, monitoring of study progress/status, and milestone indicators, to name a few throughout a research project/program.

Traditionally the biotech industry has been hesitant to embrace available technological resources, but at Attentive we have invested time and energy in creating a high-tech environment that offers you the best and most professional experience for your projects.

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