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Toxicology (Tox) and Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies are vital to the success of any drug development program. We recently posted a blog about PK studies and wanted to follow that up with a snippet of Tox nitty-gritties.

Regulatory Tox studies to evaluate the relationship between various doses of your drug molecule and adverse events require close collaboration between scientists with multiple levels of expertise from the development company and the contract research organization (CRO).  Attentive’s processes ensure transparent communication, collaboration and dialogue that will keep up with your ever-changing needs for Lead Optimization, candidate selection as well as regulatory-enabling studies.

With a strong mechanistic understanding of toxicological principles, our team will evaluate risk relative to safety for your compound, rapidly communicate study specific findings and ensure that you receive accurate data. We work arm in arm with you and your team to delineate potentially detrimental study events thereby ensuring healthier outcomes for all.

Working with Attentive, you will find Tox studies don’t have to cause extra headaches for you and your team. We have a team of expertly trained technical and scientific staff with years of experience (veterans-of-the-industry) who can handle even the most complex tox programs. With the new Attentive level of service, quality remains a strong focus and yes, we ensure “refresher quality training sessions” are completed even for our veterans-of-the-industry.

Attentive Science offers a full range of in vivo Toxicology Services including:

· Discovery Toxicology

   -   DRF / MTD
· Acute, Subchronic, Chronic
· Comprehensive Dosing Routes
· Industry standard Data Acquisition and Reporting

If you need a toxicology study to determine if your molecule has potential toxic events, Attentive will work alongside your team to ensure you have reliable and defendable data for your program. We look forward to starting a conversation to assist you in your drug development program.

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